Our DNA is a total predisposition for innovation and for technologies. We are pioneers in the development and implementation of NextBitt technology. This technological solution, through the interconnection of human resources management, stocks, purchasing and outsourcing, enables and optimizes the planning and programming of activities.

It also allows remote, timely, complete, accurate and error-free monitoring of equipment and infrastructures. The technology helps us to act in advance and to maximize control of all the costs inherent to each contract.

Main features of NextBitt Technology:
  • Management Audits
  • Order Management
  • Asset Management
  • Management Levels of Service
  • Management Work Orders
  • Systematic Preventive Maintenance
  • Mobility (Android; NFC Tags)
  • Self Service BI
  • Easy Integration with GTC, Alarm Systems, ERPs, IoT & SCADA, Time Recording

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