upK in detail: Surrounding Increasingly, companies operate in highly competitive environments, with ever-increasing demands and expectations from customers. Companies need to focus on their business and what they do best. This will avoid distractions that would be taken advantage of by the competition, to gain customers and market share. Only by being focused on your business will companies be able to continually improve their services, efficiency, competitiveness, ability to innovate and to satisfy their Customers more and more. Vocation We take care of the facilities of our clients taking people as the center of our performance. We believe that rigor and professionalism are the pillars of a longevity relationship with all our customers. Resources UpK currently has more than 200 employees, from engineers to specialized technicians, who allow us to achieve the most rigorous certifications that attest to our ability to provide the services we provide. History UpK, Facilities Management and Maintenance Services, SA, emerged as a legal entity in 2015, giving continuity to SMP - Serviços de Manutenção e Planeamento, SA, created in 1993. It has thus an experience of more than 20 years in the sector in which acts and with many contracts that remain from the origin, doing this proves the confidence that the Customers deposit in our services.

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